Savon artisanal BubbleBox In the good old days

In her immaculate smock, standing in front of her tin frazzled by our greed, she is taking good care of lining a pastry of her own secretes. Staying by her side, I am amazed by the magic of her hands. I am far from imagining that these pictures and this smell will be part of me for ever.

  • Square shaped Soap Cream-White -100g
  • Salt Bath Cream-White
  • Pale pink Candle(fragance of Gardenia)
  • White Fringed Hand Towel

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28,33 €

Dimanche d'Antan

Savon artisanal BubbleBox In the good old days

Childhood moment…

  • soap enriched with ass’s milk, square shaped, cream-white, flowery fragrance of rose, iris and geranium sustained by a spicy note of clove – (at the time of packaging, size : 68 x 68 x 23 mm, weight : 100 g)
  • bath salt in a glass tube bottle, cream-white, fragrance of face powder that she used to make up for special occasions – (size : 10 x 2 cm, weight : 70 g)
  • pale pink candle in a glass pot, spreading sweet fragrance of gardenia – (size : 30 x 50 mm, weight : 85 g, 8 hours long burning)
  • white fringed hand towel with old times damask pattern – (size : 50 x 100 cm, 100% cotton, 500 g/m2)
  • hardback canister to put up all these travelling companions – (size : 33 x 10 cm)
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mars 23, 2016
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janv. 21, 2016
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